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Genevive Chamblee is a southern darling and resides in the bayou country where sweet tea and SEC football reign supreme. She is known for being witty (or so she thinks), getting lost anywhere beyond her front yard (the back is pushing it as she’s very geographically challenged), falling in love with shelter animals (and she adopts them), asking off-the-beaten-path questions that makes one go “hmm”, and preparing homecooked Creole meals that are as spicy as her writing. Genevive specializes in spinning steamy, romantic tales with humorous flair, diverse characters, and quirky views of love and human behavior. She also is not afraid to delve into darker romances as well.

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Short Stories by Genevive Chamblee

“Cargo” in Boys Behaving Badly Anthology #3

“Oasis Haze” in Mysterious Hearts, Holiday Heartwarmers

“Valentine Mistletoe” in Cupid’s Bow, Holiday Heartwarmers

“Under the Magnolia Tree” in Haunted Hearts, Holiday Heartwarmers

“Harmonious Variation” in Symphony Amore: Erotic Stories of Love and Music

Upcoming Releases
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Available 02/15/20
Ice Gladiators

Current Releases
Brighton Rabalais only wants to play hockey. He's uninterested in the politics behind the sport, but his recruiting to the Saint Anne's Civets is as much about politics as it is his hockey abilities. He's been hired to replace the enigmat...
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Defending the Net
Two minutes in the box or a lifetime out? Hockey player Aidan Lefèvre’s professional and personal life is on ice. Recovering from an injury and traded to a new team, Aidan is attempting to prove his viability to his coaches, fans, and...
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Out of the Penalty Box
Corporate businesswoman Lexi Beaudeur is too busy for romance. As maid-of-honor, it’s her charge to keep the unorthodox bride and groom on the path down the aisle. So, when Hubb is recruited as a groomsman and Lexi’s faux boyfriend, Lexi ...
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Life's Roux: Wrong Doors

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