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Ever since I began to read adventure stories as a young girl, I began to write them as well.

I wanted to write the stories I could never find in my local library. I wanted mythical earths and mythical times. I wanted stories of boys and girls, wonderful creatures and beasts who together crossed water and land to rescue the trapped one, save the lost one, and recapture the treasure - all the while trying to stay alive! I wanted bonds of friendships so powerful even time and distance could not sever them. I wanted loves so loyal and pure that even heartache and death could not destroy them. I wanted painful partings and happy endings. I wanted tears.

I really wanted, I now realize, Quest. I wanted Quest.

Canada is my home. The vastness and diversity of this land is, I hope, well reflected in Quest. Much of what is Canada (in land and people) fired my imagination for Quest.

My hope is that Quest takes you back to a time when you were ten or twelve, and left your house and ordinary things, wandered off to sit under the orchard trees or escaped to the play-house or to the park and, in your quiet corner away from the everyday world, lost yourself in a story of wonder; an adventure story you might often have imagined as you played childhood games.

For me, that world was always Quest.


- Don't forget to watch for Quest II: The Rejoining.

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Moon through branches
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