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Geoff grew up in a reading household, starting with Dr. Seuss and working his way through Grimms’ Fairy Tales, Paddington, the Hobbit, the Lord of the Rings, the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and rounding it off with P.G. Wodehouse and others. From an early age he loved telling stories, and he has always felt that writing is the most powerful and direct way to show his creative side and share his thoughts.

Geoff has written several roleplaying game products, including sourcebooks and adventures. His first short novel, The Tunnelers, is available through Solstice Publishing, Amazon, and other outlets. He is currently working on numerous short stories in the horror genre, and is also writing a fantasy novel for older children. He draws inspiration from daily life, his fellow Solstice authors, and his local writers’ circle. 

His latest roleplaying work, The Secret of the Callair Hills, is now available from Expeditious Retreat Press.

When he isn’t writing or toiling on a public sector cube farm, Geoff prefers to spend his time reading (fantasy, science fiction, and philosophy), entertaining his two boys, watching British comedies, playing roleplaying games, and travelling. Not at the same time.

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The Callair Hills are a true frontier region. Bounded to the east by impassable mountains, to the southeast by dark forests, and to the north by goblin lands, these windy hills are largely cut off from more civilized realms. If it were not for the...
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The Secret of the Callair Hills
When a traumatized mining foreman is placed under the psychiatric care of Dr. Vincent Armstrong, the doctor thinks he has started just another shift. But as the victim begins to remember what drove him temporarily insane, Armstrong’s interes...
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The Tunnelers
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