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Geoffrey M. Gluckman is the author Murder of Sex and the award-winning thriller, Deadly Exchange. He is currently revising the sequel to Deadly Exchange.

For 2011 and 2012, he acted as a second level judge in the Maryland Writer’s Association Novel Contest (Great Beginnings), critiquing entries for fiction selection.

He has been a featured author for Nature of Words (Storefront Project), Foothill College Author Series, and Kathy Patrick’s Girlfriends Weekend, as well as numerous radio and online interviews.

In 2005, his short story (Broken Horns) with a poem (Unicorn Pain II) was featured in the anthology, Teen Angst (St. Martin’s Press), which has subsequently received rave reviews in print media.

In addition, he writes features for various North American print media, such as Iron Horse Magazine, Law Enforcement Technology, among others.

In 1995, another poem was chosen for inclusion in the anthology, A Far Off Place. Three years prior, an essay entitled, Ultimately, appeared in Expectations. 

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To write Murder of Sex, he researched the origins of mankind and applied his literary sensibilities to the works of Henry Miller, coaxing out hidden secrets amidst the pornography, as it was called in 1934. After four years of study, including time spent with unpublished texts and associates of Miller, he was able to put together a work of fiction that transcend the themes of Miller’s classic, The Tropic of Cancer, as well as illuminate truths about mankind’s origins.

Current Releases
  An incendiary tale of lust, passion, love, betrayal, and loss.  Intimate sexual relationships may never be the same. When Dr. Josh Flagon, a professor of literature at a moderate sized liberal arts Nevada university, is drawn t...
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Murder of Sex
  What if the company you work for could control your mind? Only weeks remain before Lectures And More, Inc., a company representing the world’s top motivational speakers, launches its latest technological advance: a mind...
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Deadly Exchange

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