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Georgeanna Bingley started writing erotica as a way to communicate with cute boys she'd met online. As she got older, she got more comfortable with her own sexuality (adding "cute girls" to the list of people she writes for) and just recently started publishing her work.

She lives in a city large enough to have real dinosaur bones in its museum with a husband who is awesome for many reasons including, but not limited to, the fact he agreed to non-monogamy.

She is quite happy with where life has landed her.

Current Releases
Kylee's not sure what was going on with her brain when she tells Brent,he can do whatever he wants to her, but she is immediately shown why it wasn't a wise decision. Before the night is over, he'll have shown her just cruel he can be and...
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Whatever You Want
Joy thought she had the perfect man. Then they took a brief vacation, miles from the outside world, and he changed. "If you're thinking of running, you should probably start now." With those words, a chase ensues that won&#...
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Chasing Joy
For Jenny's entire life two things have been constant: her drive and her best friend, James. When she realizes what she really wants is to give up control and be taken completely it's no surprise that she turns to the man she trusts more t...
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Jenny and James

A Peek Into the Life of Georgeanna Bingley

While edting "Chasing Joy" I wrote myself a reminder to show, not tell, and trust my readers.

While edting "Chasing Joy" I wrote myself a reminder to show, not tell, and trust my readers.

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