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Georgia Evans grew up in England, in a village in the Mole Valley, her early years filled with family stories about survival and loss during WW2. The magical word of Brytewood and its unusual inhabitants came from a childhood spent surrounded by the remnants and scars of war and the old magic and folklore of the North Downs all give the free reign of a writer’s imagination. And who’s to say where History ends and Fiction begins?
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Bloody Good

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Gryffyth Pendragon has done his bit for the war effort when he comes back to sleepy Brytewood from the battlefront at Trondheim. It cost him a leg, and his chance to use his dragon’s strength against the Nazis—or so he thinks. Until he finds out that...
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Bloody Right
As the district nurse for a country village almost overcome by refugees and bombing scares, Gloria has the respect of the town and a position where she can help the war effort. She’d lose both if anyone discovered that she turns into a furry re...
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Bloody Awful
In the first of a trilogy of the supernatural battle for WWII, Dr. Alice Doyle finds the power to fight evil comes from places she’d never believe... At the height of the Battle of Britain, a lady doctor has more than enough trouble to keep he...
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Bloody Good

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