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Married and living the D/s lifestyle, Linda has never received a real, severe punishment. James has imposed few restrictions on her and so she is able to do pretty much as she pleases, within the bounds of common sense and propriety. Then things c...
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That First Punishment
Charlotte, a newly married Victorian lady, finds married life tolerable but not exciting. Her husband Edward is gentle and kind, but Charlotte soon discovers that ignoring his orders leads to trouble. However, when she is punished for disobedience...
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Charlotte's Story
He had pursued her for six long centuries, and now she was close... so very close. This time he resolved not to let her escape him. Striding purposefully though the lobby he took a seat in the lounge bar to await her arrival. When Ellen arrived to...
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For All Eternity
  Kitty Wantsmore is a trainee spy, overly enthusiastic and fresh out of spy school, who turns up for work in a skin tight red dress and five inch heels. Agent Jim Pond is not impressed and gives her a less obtrusive old raincoat to w...
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The Spy Who Spanked Me!
  Three spanking tales:  Discipline with Love As Joanna stands facing the wall awaiting her first punishment and wondering whether she will be able to go through with it, she thinks back to how it all started - the ausp...
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Discipline with Love
Helen's Domestic Discipline is made up of a series of stories, chiefly concerning the scatterbrained but likeable Helen and her boyfriend Danny - who later becomes her husband. Helen's faults (of which there are many) and foolish ways inva...
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Helen's Domestic Discipline
On the sudden and shocking death of his elder brother, Henry Fairfax inherits the title of Earl of Conington. However, many people, including Henry's mother, the Dowager Lady Fairfax, feel he should also inherit his brother's fiancee - the...
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Cecily's Revenge
Housemaid Catherine is in trouble with her employer, Lord Anthony, for 'borrowing' a volume of poems from his Library. When a bracelet later goes missing, suspicion falls upon Catherine, and she must leave her employment without a characte...
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The Maid and the Master
Summoned to her father's study, nineteen year old Lady Alice is puzzled as to what he might want. He wishes to tell her that their dinner guest will be the thirty-six year old Lord Richard Carmichael to whom Alice was 'promised' many y...
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The Story of Lady Alice

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