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Attractive, blonde Detective Inspector Harriet Ware of the Met is assigned to investigate the murder of Larry Barlow, a publisher found strangled in a Whitechapel alleyway. Press reports of the murder alert three authors who are bitterly resentful...
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Crime Fiction for Beginners
Jake Forrester, is recruited by Harvey Baum, a Miami based business associate, to carry out an assignment for Cyrus Kroger, a reclusive billionaire, at his heavily guarded property in the Catskills. In a series of emails to his wife Sally, Jake de...
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A Feeling in My Bones
Edward Hayes is a lonely widower. Albertine Sinclair, who is single and 38, is writing a doctoral thesis on Stendhal. They get to know each other by sight at the library where they work and start to feel an attraction for each other but both are t...
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Prince Korasoff´s Road Map

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