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Gia Blue writes smut because she's been cursed with an unbelievably dirty mind. Every erotic thought has her putting pen to paper and then releasing the stories to all of the naughty people in the world.  A self-proclaimed whore, nympho and ex-stripper now that she's traded her pole for a Mac. She's embarked on an important mission to convert everyone who reads her books into jolly, one-handed readers. She'd shake your hand, but it looks like you're busy.

Current Releases
Gimme some sex… When Angelica's step-dad catches her getting fucked in the ass, screaming for her "Daddy" to do her harder, Luca Morelli can't do anything but show her exactly what it's like when Daddy takes contro...
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Daddy's Dirty Little Angel
Eighteen-year-old Jessica Rove isn’t a little girl anymore, regardless of what her daddy’s best friend, Mr. Parker, seems to think. Jess has had the hots for him for a long time and can't decide if it's his toned body or big di...
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My Daddy's Best Friend

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