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Gia Sola grew up in a small town but she found her way to the big city early on. Riding a successful corporate track in public relations, she went from the investment houses of Wall Street to the conglomerates of L.A., where she ultimately changed her focus to writing fiction.

She enjoys crafting stories--even sexy fantasy stories--that help shed light on the 'human condition.'  For more about Gia's life and work and to read some of her stories, please visit her website.


If you're interested in Gia's books, you can click and make a purchase on the links below.  The edgy novel, Plaza Erotica, is told over a series of short stories, taking the reader from New York to Paris in an adventure that gets more steamy as the story progresses. It is available on all e-book platforms. The Mermaids of Willow Creek is a different kind of story, one of love, loss, and renewal. This novel is available in both print and e-book formats.

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Plaza Erotica

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There's good and evil in everyone, even those who play sex games at the Plaza. But sometimes the lines get blurred and it takes an encounter near the edge to discover what's real and if there's such a thing as right and wrong.
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Plaza Erotica
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A provocative story about love, loss, and renewal, The Mermaids of Willow Creek takes the reader inside the minds of four protagonists (three women and one man), providing a unique look into the human condition.  The story is propelled by sec...
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The Mermaids of Willow Creek

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