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Hello and welcome! I'm Gina Ardito, author of contemporary romantic fiction with a not-so-secret identity. I'm also Katherine Brandon, author of historical romance fiction. In my spare time (ha!) I'm a public speaker for writing/reading groups, a mentor, contest judge, and critique partner.

I love meeting readers and helping writers find their way. Be sure to check out my website for info on all my books and additional information.

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Current Releases
Every girl sees her thirtieth birthday as a milestone, but in Adara Berros's case, her entire life has turned upside-down. She may not know it, but Adara is actually the reincarnation of Greek mythology's Adonis. And she's about to be ...
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Chasing Adonis
     Jodie Devlin's suicide is not the end, merely the beginning. With her future as a living human irrevocably destroyed, she must become an employee of the Afterlife until a new existence can be created for her. In the re...
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Eternally Yours
After the death of her husband, professional competitive skier Brooklyn Raine has shunned the press. Living as Lyn Hill, bed-and-breakfast owner in a quaint Vermont mountain town, Brooklyn keeps a low profile and avoids any link to ...
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Nobody's Business
April Raine was married and pregnant at eighteen, divorced ten years later, and has struggled to provide for her children. Now a successful businesswoman, she accepts a challenge from a daytime talk show to compete in a thirty-day battle of the se...
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Nobody's Darling
Lydia Winchester's plain features and bookish personality have doomed her to spinsterhood in Victorian London. Her true interests lie in a far-off, exotic land she's determined to reach in order to right a terrible wrong. ...
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Kismet's Salvation
Marisa Alvarez looks forward to a day she'll remember the rest of her life. Instead of the marriage proposal and happily ever after she expects, however, she becomes one of only a handful of survivors of one of the bloodiest Indian uprisings i...
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Kismet's Revenge
Raised by a ragtag group of tender-hearted sailors in 19th century Hyderabad, Antoinetta Manu has grown into a woman determined to sail her own course in life. But when her past and future collide with terrifying results, only one m...
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Kismet's Angel
Nicole Fleming and Dante LaPalma have nothing in common except an old man's legacy. Joe Corbet has promised that a great treasure awaits them--if they're clever enough to solve his riddles within a six-month time fram...
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A Run for the Money
An Angel With a Bruised Spirit... After a humiliating breakup, Gianna Randazzo temporarily works at her family's pizzeria and rescues the stray cats that appear on her doorstep. Until the night the stray on her doorstep turns ou...
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A Little Slice of Heaven
Renata Moon and Connell MacAllister lost more than a frivolous lawsuit in a Manhattan courtroom. Paying the settlement will probably force them to close their non-profit business. That is, until they learn about a new survivalist ga...
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The Bonds of Matri-money

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