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Burned-out executive Matthew Turner is more than ready for some R & R at a rented cabin on a solitary beach. The only thing missing is the woman of his dreams, though he doubts the kind of woman he wants really exists. Until she shows up on the m...
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Moonlight Madness
In little over an hour, Mark Stevens is going to lose his company in a hostile takeover. Life looks shitty until the luscious young temp from the typing pool steps into his office. He never thought Maddie Harper would be interested in an older man. B...
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The Boss' Temp-tation
What’s a girl to do when she’s alone on a Saturday night, except watch the neighbors across the way with her high-powered binoculars? When Mia spies her hunky neighbor indulging in a little solo pleasuring, she decides it’s time ...
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The Good Neighbor
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