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I won my first writing contest with a short story about my puppy when I was 12 years old. Encouraged by winning a pen set, I decided to become a writer. Over the years I’ve written everything from novels to aviation handbooks.

For more years than I like to admit, I spent my time creating fictional worlds and trying to get someone, anyone, to offer me a contract. In 2004, someone finally did and my first two historical romances were published. Five books ended up being published by various publishers, but the road continued to be fraught with obstacles. In 2013 I decided to start my own micro publishing company to put my work into ebook format. Since I was already doing all the promotion, it made sense to try the DIY route. Saderra Publishing was born and I haven’t looked back. In fact, I even declined a contract with a mainstream publisher because the list of rights they wanted was the longest part of the contract.

While I write mostly historical and contemporary romance, I also have a book of humorous essays and a writing skills book on dialogue. Visit my website at, or like me at Facebook, or check out the scoop on Tassanoxie at Miss Mabel Talks Tassanoxie. If you’re a writer, you might find my Just Ginger blog an aid on this journey we call writing.


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Fleeing arrest by a spurned suitor, Lady Riana Travistock heads for London where she is knifed in a street brawl when she helps a man attacked by footpads. Luckily for Lady Riana, the victim of the attack is army surgeon Captain Devlin Carrington who...
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Lady Runaway
Every Christmas for the past eleven years, Merry Anne Martinnelli has wished for the chance to have a "do-over" and accept Josh Johnson's marriage proposal. She doesn't know Josh wishes for a second chance, too. Or that he has re...
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A Christmas Diamond for Merry
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               Faith Featherstone made two mistakes as a teen. First, she fell in love with Justin Worthington and ended up pregnant. Then, she ran with the wrong crowd and was arrested for shoplifting. ...
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Feather's Last Dance
Take one heroine and hero gripped in relationship limbo. Stir in a possible media scandal. Sprinkle lightly with a three-year-old child. Add one mother-in-law, a former boyfriend, a celebrity reporter hot for a story break and a Hollywood starlet....
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Ellie's Song

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