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A DC conspiracy novel of grand proportions… Washington, DC, housewife Margaret Turnbull’s world literally blows up after her husband, FBI agent Clay Turnbull, is falsely arrested and killed by agents working for an international drug ...
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No End of Bad
When it comes to murder, even brilliant scientists aren’t immune… The night Harold Munson is shot dead in his car, the primary suspect is the man’s brainiac wife. But Charlotte, who has a passion for science and sex with strange...
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Lying, Cheating, and Occasionally...Murder
When Grant Wodehouse went to the barn that fine morning, he had no idea what good, bad, or ugly would happen—saddle a couple of horses, a little S&M with his neighbor, get a pitchfork rammed through his chest, pinning him to the wall&hellip...
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No Good Deed Left Undone
Good girls, it is commonly believed, are obsessed with bad boys. Usually, they get burned. Rarely do they get revenge… Ben Cromwell—handsome, sexy, and ruthless—keeps a stable of women; picks them up the way someone picks up a r...
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Cromwell's Folly

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