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  Though everybody's afraid of something, fear comes in all shapes and sizes. For Daniel, it's the fear of losing his job in the middle of a recession, which is why he doesn't dare stand up to his boss and her unreasonable dem...
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Family Spirit
  Chris and Paul are about to register their Civil Partnership, the closest thing you can have to a same-sex marriage in England. The registrar has been booked, the reception is all laid on, and the invitations are ready to go out. Now, o...
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Love Over Gold
  It's Halloween, and incubus Rafael is looking forward to a fun night out with his lover, demon-hunter Dominic. But Halloween can be a busy time of year for demon-hunters, and Rafael is not surprised when Dominic has to go to work in...
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You Think You Know Someoneā€¦
  Ash is co-owner of Meadows' Herbal Remedies. Alongside the purely natural products, the shop also sells a range of magical potions. Ash is in love with his assistant, Gary, but hides the fact because he's convinced that he'd...
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Spell the Coffee
  When Chris is rescued from a mugger by a tall, dark stranger on a motorbike, the last thing he expects is to be asked out on a date. Though emotionally fragile from having suffered failed relationships in the past, Chris feels an immedi...
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Knight in Shiny Leathers
  It's Valentine's Day, and incubus Rafael is missing his lover, demon-hunter Dominic, currently away on a mission. An incurable romantic, Rafael has decided to match-make a couple of cops whose unacknowledged feelings for one ano...
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Mark is a self-employed gardener who has never recovered from a painful break-up several years ago. He lives with only a tank-full of fish for company and fills the emptiness inside him by reading romantic gay fiction. Colin is a writer who recent...
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Seth, a former construct, and his partner Mike have been living together for the last seven months. Lately, Seth has been suffering from killer headaches but refuses to see a doctor. When Seth has a seizure one evening, Mike calls on Seth's cr...
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