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I live in an outlying Pennine village in Yorkshire, England, and from an early age I wanted to write. It was whilst at school I began interviewing popular TV and music celebrities, and went on to providing magazines and local press with articles about these people, whilst also spending five years with one of the major banks.

In 1996 I was awarded the position of 'insider' writer for DIY Week, a position I held for over 10 years – the longest-serving freelance writer for the magazine. I have an early draft of a novel based on those humorous stories.

In my BSc degree I managed to squeeze a course about playwriting, showing where my true tendencies lay, and for my MA Professional Writing I specialised in screenwriting and story structure.

Since 2005 I have seen life from the other side of the publisher's desk whilst being heavily involved in republishing the novels by Leo Walmsley for the Walmsley Society. Tasks include editing, typesetting, formatting and first proof-reading.

Oak Seer is the first of my published novels.

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VISIONS FROM THE PAST — A RACE TO SAVE HIS FRIENDS The year is 1994. Jack Briscoe is a loner who is never alone. He has two passions: woodwork and womanizing, and despite his popularity with women he leads a solitary lifestyle, unable to...
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Oak Seer (A supernatural mystery)

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