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Hi, I'm Grahame Howard
I have been writing for years but have only just been successful in having 3 books published this year. Thse are:

ALL BAGGED UP  My life suffering from Ulcerative Colitis for 10 years before having stoma surgery for a permanent ileostomy.

THE WISHING BOOK A children's fantasy book about Planet Mars
THE WISHING BOOK 2 - RETURN TO MARS  The squel to above
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I felt you might like to see this Press Release for my new children's book:

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Saturday, 21 November 2009
Author releases sequel to children’s fantasy fiction novel. The Wishing Book 2: Return to Mars by Grahame Howard

Since John Carter’s and the other children’s last exciting and harrowing journey to Planet Mars, much has happened. Great fortune has been bestowed on their families and their lives have improved greatly.
   Over in Tenerife, Pedro Armaz decides to make The Wishing Book safe from possible theft.
Through a series of unpredictable events Pedro and the children once again find themselves on Planet Mars because of Zelmut’s incessant desire to obtain the book for his own selfish desires – to rule the Universe.
   However, Pedro has done some forward planning to protect the Wishing Book should something beyond his control happen. 
When Zelmut finally obtains the book, he finds it is useless and has no power whatsoever. He is furious and imprisons John, Pedro and the others.
   Meanwhile, Pedro’s son Julio and grandson Miguel obtain the real Wishing Book and set off to Planet Mars to rescue the others.
An intense adventure follows with Julio and Miguel being captured by Martian warriors. John, Pedro and the others, who have managed to escape the clutches of Zelmut, are racing against time to rescue Julio and Miguel and have to face all the force of Zelmut’s army and creatures.
Will Julio and Miguel be rescued on time or will Zelmut be victorious?

This is yet another great, ‘I can’t put this book down,’ adventure from Grahame Howard.
An exciting rollercoaster adventure packed with astonishing twists and turns–hold on tight!

Find out more: TheWishing Book 2 - Return to Mars

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