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I retired to Canada’s Niagara region a number of years ago, but as a younger man I travelled extensively…in the days when the world was much larger and far off lands were more difficult to get to.

As a boy, I always had my head buried in a book, carried off on some adventure in an impossibly exotic locale. As an adult, I indulged myself to the limit visiting and living in those same places: savannah grasslands, Andean mountains, open desert, and fascinating cities like Capetown, South Africa, San Jose, Costa Rica and Hong Kong.

I write my own adventure tales now, revisiting those places and times.

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Garrick Connolly, young American war veteran, struggling with his experiences from Afghanistan, learns of the "legend of the cave," the final resting place of the Lost Prince, during a visit to Peru. For centuries, sealed up inside a cliff ...
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Lost Prince
In the 1960s while visiting central Africa, Ken Mallory uncovers intriguing information surrounding his great-grandfather, Lucas Lindsay, who fought in the Barotseland Civil War of a century earlier. Delving deeper into the puzzle, Ken begins to iden...
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Kindred Passage

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