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Gwen Williams's latest erotica novel is also her first male-male romance, Breaking Out, available at Secret Cravings Publishing. She also has a more traditional erotica out, Fantasy Follies, available at Sirenbookstrand.

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Thanks to Paul Sturgess, his long-time family friend and benefactor, Mike Sloan has lived a comfortable existence during college as a record-breaking swimmer. He’s looking forward to finishing his senior year, followed by graduate school, the...
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Breaking out
  [Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, light BDSM] Rhiannon is a librarian with a secret. Underneath her prim and proper shell, she’s alive with passionate fantasies ranging from being pleasured by a well-oiled ser...
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Fantasy Follies
Description: Paul Rumsfeld, a lonely, rich, widower, seeks Evangeline’s hand in marriage. He is her first real marital prospect, as the entire village considers her damaged goods. Rumors abound about the way Evangeline and her sister Rose Red...
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During one bitterly cold winter, Rose Red forges a strong bond with Black Bear, an animal of the forest who seeks sanctuary at her mother's hearth. And, although he is an animal, she finds to her surprise that Black Bear understands her heart W...
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Rose Red and Black Bear

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