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The corporate colony of Cadose HQ has a technological disaster brewing in its data pillars. The only man who can save them is Dixon Sinonyx, nanotech operator. But Dix himself is in need of help, both to solve the puzzle of Cadose's reckless viol...
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Kourt Crowe, the last remaining Servitor assassin, also a shape-shifter, lives to restore the lost golden age of the Fellowship of Servitors. His first husband died over a century ago, and, since then, he's been fighting his battles alone. Thi...
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Volunteered to the Future
This gay steampunk romance follows the globe-trotting adventures of young Mayport Titus, the sole scion of the Titus Chocolate fortune. Mayport’s father, an adventurer and entrepreneur, established the intercontinental chocolate trade using ...
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Chocolatiers of the High Winds
Jenner Garu once dreamed of living an unremarkable life of domestic harmony. Instead, he made vows with the galaxy's most fropped rock star, Lysander Edvard, and traded more promises with the wild and deadly freeman, Grey. Together they ...
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Guide to Survival, Volume 3: Root and Branch
When Deke and Gerry managed to find each other and love in a small, conservative, southern town, they thought they had won the greatest prize of all. Instead, they find themselves playing as a team in a game without rules, for the highest stakes. Mus...
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