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What happens when one man has such a great talent that the US Government could use his help?  A talent that the military could use as a weapon that makes the man frightened and even the Department of Homeland Security finds an interest in the sp...
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Shadow Of Doubt
Ned needed extra money to pay his way through the dance school he had fought so long to get accepted into because the scholarship only paid for the school itself. He found good money dancing at night in a club, introducing the crowd to someone who co...
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Midnight Black and Blue
Alex was a good cop in the wrong place. The old south was a place that still did not have the tolerance for those who had a taste for loving the same sex, no matter how good they were at their job. After getting a commendation, his boss arranged f...
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Emergence Is The Process
It is easy to seek the worst when you are a reporter and looking for a story that will be your big break. But what happens when the worst turns out to draw you into a world that is different and not what you expected.  A world that offers you so...
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Letter Training
Anthony had been drawn in to a lot of wrong choices in his life. He had chosen the wrong lovers and allowed these men to take advantage of him until he got smart and kicked them out. He was drawn into working for the wrong con artist in Florida. H...
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Drawn In

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