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Hi!  My name is Hailey, and this past summer my first eBook, Help Her, was published over at Mystic Moon.  I plan to submit lots more stories in the near future, so you best get comfortable to the idea of me.  :P 

I live in a small Montana town, where it's calm and peaceful 99.9% of the time.  Just the way I like it. 

I'm always interested in meeting other people who love to read, write, and everything related to the two. 
Current Releases
Cameron West is enjoying life. Free from a nagging ex-wife, he tries to keep a calm center when it comes to everything. His plans, however, don't include a vampire-a vampire with a huge request. Jeremy asks Cameron to teach his sister Celeste how to ...
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Help Her

Visit Hailey Briggs's website: http://Writing.Com/authors/hailey

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