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"Romance with humor, heart, and enough heat to....well. You know."

Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out my page here at Manic Readers. Since you're here to find out a bit about me and my books, let me give you a little tour.

Most of what I write is contemporary romance. Though I have dipped my toe in the paranormal waters, contemporary is where I live. Everything I write could be described as "erotic", simply because the sex is explicit and steamy hot. Nobody's getting the "Barbara Cartland" treatment around here. You remember Barbara, right? Beautifully written books where the hero would sweep the overcome heroine off her feet, carry her away to the bedroom....and when we next see them, they're eating breakfast, and the heroine is most likely blushing at the thought of all they did in the dark. That drove me CRAZY as a reader, so there will be none of that around here!

All of my books are a little different, but there are a few things you'll always find: there will always be humor, there will always be hot, steamy sex, and there will always, ALWAYS, be a happily ever after.

So take a look around, and come read with me.

~ Hannah

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Current Releases
Gideon has been the star of all of Mina’s sweaty dreams for months now. Every week he comes into the bank to make the weekly deposit for his auto repair business, and every week she falls just a little bit more in love. Well, in lust, anyway, w...
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Their Perfect Fit
Jane and the Sneaky Dom is the story of a woman who's bored in bed and in life by the men she dates, and goes looking for something more. And boy, does she get it!
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Jane and the Sneaky Dom
Lacey Johnson’s best friend just got married, and Lacey’s feeling left behind. She needs an adventure, something to take her mind off her feelings of envy and loneliness.  Be careful what you wish for…
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The Devil & Ms. Johnson
When a self-sufficient, independent woman butts heads with a stubborn Irishman, there are bound to be sparks. And that's before she finds out he's a vampire.
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Tooth and Nailed
Lily Michaels is happy to help her cheated on best friend cancel her wedding. But since the groom with the broken nose is also her landlord, it means she’s looking for a new apartment. Enter Nate MacIntyre—former boy-band member —hi...
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One Hit Wonderful
Grace reviews sex toys for a living — arguably the best job in town. Ben is her college sweetheart, all grown up and fine enough to convince any girl to leave the vibrator in the drawer. Ten years after their passionate relationship ended, they...
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A Toy Story
Having the man of your dreams sweep you off your feet—that's what every girl dreams of, right? Join Nina as she finally gets up the nerve to tell her dream man how she feels.
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Isabella Carelli isn’t just looking for Mr. Right, she’s looking for Mr. Tie Me Up And Do Me Right. In all the wrong places. Fortunately, the right place is right next door. And the boy next door is just about ready to make his move... ...
Available Now!
Secrets Vol. 27 Untamed Pleasures - The Boy Next Door

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