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Author of Romantic Tales that turn up the heat, Haven Isley thrives on writing fiction. Everything, from nice boy meets sweet girl to sizzling hot Tarzan wants sexy-as-hell Jane. Working hard to create memorable characters that tug at the heartstrings, Haven pens stories with heroes and heroines who live happily ever after. Of course, they'll have to go through a few things to get from a hit man...compete for the same promotion...fight a strong animal attraction for one another. Whatever the circumstance, readers need not worry because this author guarantees true love will prevail in her novels and short stories.

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Current Releases
 Professor Chelsea Briarson is in hot pursuit of the one that got away. The man of her desire is Dr. Nigel Anderville. The equivalent of a rock star in the academic world, Nigel is the perfect combination of brains and brawn. He takes center ...
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Patience, Love
Jury Yates is a corporate attorney who has a thing for one of the most powerful men in Memphis—her boss. But there’s a problem with pursuing—and being pursued by—a man with such wealth and power, especially when his family ...
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Memphis Rising

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