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Heather Brooks

Also known as Heather Fae Brooks.



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  Authentic relationships, passionate romance. Daphne MacLennan and her best friend, Liisi Toimelin, have experienced tragic loss and been burned by love. When Daphne meets a sexy Italian-Canadian, Nick Marisi, she can't get him o...
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Too Far For Love
Because she no longer trusts men or in her own decisions, Courtney lives a secluded, careful life. Fate, however, reminds her of what she is missing. Sweet, strong Dustin might be a safe choice, but Courtney isn't ready for the risks involved ...
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When Kati met Jake, he challenged all of her assumptions. He still keeps challenging them. He's an enigma; she can't figure out if he's a nice guy or a bad boy. He thinks he has her all figured out but she has a few foxy surprises left...
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Foxy Lady
When Lucy met Bryan at the university pub, he taught her more than how to play a smooth game of pool. However, living together isn't turning out the way she expected. She loves the guy, the sex is great, but the apartment is a mess. Something ...
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A Little Bit of Laundry

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