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Heather McAlendin is a published author living in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Not one to write within the "norms", Heather's interests and writing vary from contemporary fiction, to the supernatual and erotic romance. Ms. McAlendin also writes under the name of her alter ego: Eroica St. Finian.
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Current Releases
The vampire hunter becomes the hunted...        "Silver Devries was once a powerful Vampire Queen; now she has become a vampire hunter. Her task: to hunt down a band of rogue vampires before they breed thems...
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Killer Queen: The Hunted
Patricia Chen is the successful owner of the quintessential Swingers Club known as "The Red Door". She has everything money can buy...except love. A self proclaimed heterosexual, she becomes intrigued with the alluring, red haired, bisexual...
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Sweet Desire
Erica Bianchi is a beautiful young widow whose life has been dramatically changed by the death of her beloved husband. Feeling sexless and alone she resorts to dreaming about her former lover to try and hide from her desperate loneliness. Can she gat...
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In My Dreams
Silver Devries is a five hundred year old Vampire Queen who, out of betrayal and vengeance, becomes a Vampire Hunter. She must search for a rogue female Vampire who threatens the very existence of the Vampire Clans. Silver's greatest allies become th...
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Killer Queen
A faerie story with a modern twist. Fae is half human and half faerie; she belongs in neither world. Exiled by her faerie kin and rejected as myth by humanity she lashes out at those who have hurt her the most.
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Nicholea DeWulff was a child damned from the moment of conception. Nicholea’s biological father, Heinrich DeWulff,unaware of his existence or of the death of his son’s biological mother, Anna. Heinrich portrays himself as a religious man,...
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Nicholae A Life Damned

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