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Hector Himeros self-publishes M/M erotica. He is also a Photoshop cover artist. He designs his own cover arts. He combines sexual details and non-sexual plots (romance, supernatural, etc) because he believes erotica doesn't have to be trashy and devoid of plots. You want sex, he's got it. You want (realistic) romance, he's got it too!

He comes from a backward religious country where being gay is still considered sinful. Homophobia grows fertile there. Hence, almost all his books feature religious antagonists. His stories may be erotic but he echos a message: Say no to homophobia. 

He is uniquely different from other writers:
1. He designs his own ARTISTIC COVER arts. 
2. He gives printable FREEBIES: bookmarks, pen-holder calendar, paper diorama.
3. Via his website only, you can order PERSONALIZED COPY with your name and his digital signature.


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In 1744, something terrible took place in a British colonial town in America called Norcross. Charles Carleton, a respected townsman, was caught having sex with his stableman, John Brillhart. The priest of Norcross, Father Phelps, decided that Car...
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Bleak Woods

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