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Rory Driskell had never seen the inside of a prison until his boyfriend Joel started serving a seven-year sentence for dealing drugs. Now, Rory spends his weekends visiting Joel at the state prison nearly four hours away from home. To make matters...
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Indefinite Stay
Blake Kaplan has been playing fantasy football with his old college buddies for years. He's never managed to win, mostly because he's never wanted to subject himself to the bets and pranks the other guys endured for a chance at glory. But ...
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Number 1 Pick
Kyle knows he shouldn’t, but once again he finds himself w Kyle knows he shouldn't, but once again he finds himself waiting for Quinn, the sexy man who drove out of his life years ago, but keeps turning up when Kyle least expects it....
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Down Memory Lane
Part of the Summer Days series...  At twenty-eight, Patrick McKenzie never thought he'd be back under his parent's roof, forced to share a room with his younger brother Jake, but that's exactly where he is. If he ever wants to fin...
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Dog Days of Summer
At three-hundred-sixty-seven pounds, Douglas Everett Smith spent his school years being teased and verbally abused almost every day. He was spared by no one, except for Jesse Billson, a classmate who treated him like a normal person. Douglas's...
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Losing and Gaining
    For almost three years, Harper and Clark have been carpooling to work together. Every morning, they share coffee and talk about everything that’s going on in their lives. Except for one subject that never comes up&mdash...
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Roadside Assistance
At 38, drama teacher Scott Folsom is ready for a change in his life. He plans to sell his cabin at The Acres, the LGBT campground where he's spent his last ten summers with his loyal dachshund Stella. Things just haven't been the same ther...
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One More Summer
Greg Winter was never supposed to work at his family's bowling alley. His dream was law school and getting far away from his hometown. But Winter Lanes is exactly where he ends up. Now his life is full of obligations and responsibility and lac...
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Picking Up The Spare
It's 1998 and Noah Carson is months away from graduating college. He is scared of the future and even though he's been offered a job at a local music magazine, the real world scares him to death. He wishes he could stay safely within the c...
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Left Of The Dial
Derek Owen has made a new life for himself in Austin after leaving his hometown of Cedar Bluff years before. In his rush to start over, he left behind his first and only love, Luke McLeod. He's moved up and moved on with a job at an accounting...
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The Right Wrong Turn
Davis Harper's life isn't going according to plan. He hates his job and his boss. And, to make matters worse, his long-term relationship with his boyfriend, George, isn't what it used to be. One day, desperate for something to chan...
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