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On his last night in Tokyo, Josh Keller makes the hook-up of his dreams--an uninhibited and attractive Asian man who takes him home for some smoldering hot sex. Too bad he didn't have time to get the stranger's name. But to his shock, six ...
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Tachinomi Hook-Up
Part of the Howling At The Moon 2012 series....Jonas Nowak thought he left his demon-fighting, witch-hunting, werewolf-past behind him nearly twenty years earlier, along with the man who betrayed his love. Now Alek Urbonas has reappeared. Alek, al...
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Back In His Baby's Arms
Have you heard this one before? A well-adjusted werewolf meets a slightly neurotic vampire walking a cat...His father thinks he should shave more often. His mother thinks he should meet someone. But all Alan wants to do is find a nice, quiet place...
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The Friendly Werewolf and the (Almost) Virgin Vampire
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Being a forty-three-year-old vampire in a small town creates a whole host of dating issues, including a particularly sensitive one. That's why undead accountant Darryl Yates has pretty much given up on the idea of finding a man of his very own...
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The Vampire and The Plant Guy
Hunter Babineaux is a man of fire. The hot Cajun can start an inferno with a single thought. Christian VanValkenburgh is cool and collected. The frosty New Englander can stop a psychic in his tracks. Teaming up in a summer resort town to l...
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The Heat Is On
Once Jareaux and Teal were young and in love, but circumstances separated them. Now, five years later, they encounter one another again, but everything has changed. Jareaux has become a Hound, a psychic bodyguard without memory or a will of his ow...
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Mask of Night

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