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Since washing out of the LAPD, PI Creighton has made a name for himself as a bounty hunter. For a price, he'll recover any missing artifact or person, solve any crime—provided it involves the supernatural. When his latest case forces him to...
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Darkest Wings
Wealthy, wrathful Silvergarde has fallen, but one of its conquerors isn't celebrating. Jailed for betraying the rebellion that brought the floating city to its knees, Joslin is ready to hang up her ideals—until she overhears the confession ...
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Jetting off to the Highlands to find a woman she's never met isn't something Abigail ever thought she'd do, but the disappearance of Candice Sharpe has brought back memories of a past life Abigail barely understands.  The town of ...
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Wildling Rider
The Breaker's Climb tournament is little more than a tourist trap pitting daredevils against a steep, treacherous rock wall. But this year, it may be Harper's only hope to pay off her late father's debts.  Celia, her father's ...
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Scarlet Shores
Shadow Play series (Book #3) Old spies make dangerous hostages. A prisoner at the tender mercies of the British Secret Intelligence Services, Manuel has to believe that trading freedom for protection was his only hope of avoiding payback for hi...
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Splendid Isolation
Condemned for witchcraft and about to swing for the abduction of half a dozen children, Irene is bewildered when her noose breaks. Her only hope lies in the forests that have protected the women of her family for generations. But when a young man fle...
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Gatekeepers & Dreamweavers
Shadow Play series (Book #2) Some stories just aren’t meant to be told. From warzones to domestic scandals, Ulysses has built a career as a high-profile journalist at the expense of both family and relationships. Now his dogged pursuit of...
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Price of Freedom
When clandestine trysts no longer satisfy, Quentin throws himself head first into an affair that may well cost him his heart. Quentin’s sole distraction from the monotony of life in the small town of Bastion Falls has been a string of meanin...
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Misfit Hearts
Eve’s last night on the job turns complicated when former flame and part-time warlock Neil makes an explosive return—asking for her help.   With apocalypse by asteroid due in a fortnight, the last thing Eve Karvan should be wor...
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Collision Course
A young woman orchestrates a threesome for her boyfriend's birthday only to fall in love for a second time. Jackie and Marten have been together for six years and things are getting a little stale, but Marten's birthday should give Jac...
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A Touch of Spice

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