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  David Raferty awakes from a troubling dream to find he is travelling to his Uncles rural town, a place holding many memories. Still confused why he is there he begins to recall faces and places all the while dissecting clues to a brutal mur...
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The Banshee
The midnight express confronts a rogue vampire who has hidden aboard and begun a deadly series of attacks. The dead join in on the gruesome assault to the weary and frightened crew and passengers as they attempt to break away to safety.   ...
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London Doctor Paul Barnet's blossoming career ceases when a botched surgery and brazen attack nearly takes his life. The resulting injury removes not only his surgical abilities but also the love of fiancée, Actress, Jean Harrington. Dr. B...
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The Fort Providence Watch
Doc Jacobi and Bell search the Noel Mountains for a mountain man who stole Stark and added him to his herd of wild ponies to trade to the Indians.
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The Noel Man
In the second of the Doc Jacobi series, his visit to the town of Garrison Creek brings the Doc and his trusty Appaloosa Bell in contact with a man and woman; swindlers who have stolen a prize Stallion.
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Garrison Creek
Pug is the story of compassion, friendship and having heart through the eyes of a young immigrant boy surviving life's obstacles on the road to manhood.
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