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Herbert Grosshans

I live north of Winnipeg, Canada. I am married and retired from my regular job. I write mostly Science Fiction/Fantasy, but also contemporary thrillers. Most of my novels contain erotica, some more explicit than others. My thriller 'Bullet of Revenge', to be released in June 2012, does contain no explicit erotica. Aside from writing I enjoy hunting, fishing, and, of course, reading.

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Current Releases
When his company sends Peter Hartmann to meet a new prospective client, he is obliged to do more than just sign some contracts. After being arrested for a crime he didn't commit, his violent past catches up with him and takes him on a roller c...
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Mark of the Cobra

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Epsilon City, Book 2, Lizard World

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Tarnished Valor, Book 3 of the Web of Conspiracy Series

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Traitors and Patriots, Book 2 of Web of Conspiracy Series
Chosen by the Mindgods to liberate the Galaxy from the tyrant Kaloor, David Stark must change to emerge victorious from the last battle. His craving for blood during sexual intercourse is only part of his metamorphosis. He must fight ...
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Liberator, Star in Chains #2

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Stars in Chains, Liberator
Abducted, Earthman David Stark is sent to the mines on an alien planet. After escaping and a brief time of happiness in the arms of T'Phira, the Golden Goddess and in the City under the Ocean, he is captured again and sent to a planet of hot d...
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Stars in Chains, Book 1-Slaves
Tapestry of Dreams: Eight Imaginary Tales                                  ...
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Tapestry of Dreams
The Xandra: Daughter of the Dark                                   &n...
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The Xandra, Book 1: Daughter of the Dark
 The Xandra: Mother of Light                                   &...
Available Now!
The Xandra, Book 2: Mother of Light
The Xandra: Goddess of Life                                    b...
Available Now!
The Xandra, Book 3: Goddess of Life

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