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Herbert Holeman, Ph.D. is by profession a criminologist with law enforcement experience in beat policing and criminal investigation. He has served as a Bureau Chief in the California Department of Justice and as the principal investigator of research studies in the Department of Corrections.

His criminal justice publications include such varied topics as outlaw motorcycle gangs and a landmark study of women correctional officers working in male prisons.

As a mystery writer, his latest work is the novel, Switcheroo, which takes place in his native city, San Francisco.
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When environmentalism clashes with financial treachery, the results can be murder… A nature advocate, Erin Archer, is working to restore a now-flooded and dammed up Hetch Hetchy Valley in the Yosemite National Park to its original state...
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Fired from his job in San Francisco, Nick Oliver retreats to a cabin in the old growth Redwoods to ponder his future. His solitude is soon interrupted a stranger, Erin Archer. She tells Nick that before her father's recent suspicious death, he made c...
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