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Herman Grobler is an aspiring author, who wrote his first book, which was a short story horror in 2012. He has recently released a novel on December 31, 2015.

His hobbies include watching movies, playing video games, collecting varieties of exotic pets and reading horror, thriller or adventure books. In Herman’s spare time, he enjoys graphic designing and programming. He admires Stephan King’s books, hoping to one day be able to strike fear into his readers the way Stephan King does.
Herman was inspired to start writing horror, thrillers and adventure books from all the movies, games and books, hoping to bring the same fear and suspense to his own readers.

Herman’s books are intriguing, full of suspense and horror with a few twists along the way. His characters show a depth of personality and feeling, making the reader grow attached to each character they read about, which leaves you laughing or crying along with a character.

Herman feels that there is always room for improvement, he hopes that with each book he writes, he will become a better author and reach out to more readers. Herman has released books on smash words, Amazon and in print.

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In a world controlled by a deadly virus, remaining survivors must band together to overcome the new dangers which only the fittest can survive, evolution is inevitable, each passing day shows new dangers and more obstacles in the way, the group must ...
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