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The Hivemind Collective is a group of speculative fiction authors who got together and created a brand new world where kids have the power to save the world. Welcome to the universe of the Latchkeys.

There are places that exist beneath, behind and between the world we live in.

There are people who slip between the cracks.

And there are those who stand guard, ensuring that nothing worse slips through. From either direction.

More information about the Latchkeys, and its authors, can be found at Download a free sample of the first novelette.

Current Releases
The kids discovers a raven that has been following Jeremy is actually a Splinter. Before they can do anything about it, the bird flies through an open Door. The Wardens charge after the bird, only to find themselves in 1849 Baltimore. Things are t...
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Latchkeys: Nevermore
Matt Fisher is just starting to get used to life as one of the Latchkey kids, exploring—and protecting—Tanglewood, the House of Doors. So when an ugly little man named Grinder pops up in the House and begs them to help his people avoid...
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Latchkeys: The Ugly Little Bloke
Matt Fisher was a normal boy--until he found the Door. The Door that led to the House. The House whose Doors opened into places all over the world--and into worlds that had been, and would be, and even never were. But Matt wasn't the only one ...
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Latchkeys: Unlatched
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