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Christina Stilton has waited all her life to become a wolf’s bride. Becoming mate to a stranger in a faraway pack is the only chance she has to escape her Appalachian life of poverty and abuse. She wants safety, but trusts The Fates to steer...
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Believed to be kept under guard by his traveling circus’s owner, Fabian Castillo hasn’t been seen or heard from for more than seven months. Astrid Falk has one week to root him out. The private investigators at Shrew & Company always ...
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Following Fabian
Mark Mayer has fallen for a woman. Literally. He’s given up being an angel to chase after his would-be beloved, a werewolf who’s gone feral because she won’t settle with a mate. But eons of existence have taught him that without l...
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An Angel Falen
She went to Ireland looking for a muse, but found a mathematician instead.   Photojournalist Erica Desoto has spent five weeks in Western Europe hoping for inspiration, with just one decent photo to show for her effort. And that shot ...
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Calculated Exposure
He teaches about the Irish past. She worries about their Irish future. Grant Fennell seems to lack the luck of the Irish. He’s had his nose broken three times, his dissertation advisor was a useless lump, he’s thirty-one and finis...
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Saint and Scholar

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