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Holli Castillo is a Louisiana appellate public defender and a former New Orleans prosecutor.  Her first novel, Gumbo Justice, was published by Oak Tree Press in 2009 and was followed up by Jambalaya Justice in July, 2011, the second in the Crescent City Mystery Series.  The third in the series, Chocolate City Justice, will follow female prosecutor Ryan Murphy through Hurricane Katrina.

Holli was born and raised in New Orleans.  She was a theater major in undergrad, and received a JD from Loyola University, where she was on Moot Court and a member of the Poverty Law Journal.  Like most students in New Orleans, she's held a variety of jobs from waiting tables, to stage managing theater productions to working as a Can Can girl.

She lives in New Orleans with her husband, two children, dog, and deaf cat, who is featured in, and integral to, the plot in Jambalaya Justice.

Holli's writing career almost ended before it began when she was in a head on collision with a drunk driver in 2008 just as Gumbo Justice was scheduled for release.  The publication of the novel was pushed back a year so she could recover from her injuries and rehabilitate. The crash left her with a body full of titanium and on her back for seven months of surgeries, and while she still suffers with a slight limp from all the hardware, her doctors say it's a miracle she's alive, so she doesn't complain. Her favorite expression is she's still kicking, just not as high.

Although her first love is writing mystery novels, she also writes screenplays as well as legal articles for an internet legal service. She and her husband--the model for Big Who in her series--also own a bar in the metropolitan New Orleans area. 

In her down time, she sleeps and catches up on her favorite t.v. show, Rookie Blue. Like the lead character in her novels, Holli is a fan of cop and lawyer shows.

Current Releases
When the body of a hooker is discovered in a crackhouse, New Orleans prosecutor Ryan Murphy refuses to let the case languish into yet another unsolved homicide. She has a connection to the victim and won’t back down until the murder...
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Jambalaya Justice
New Orleans prosecutor Ryan Murphy likes her Tequila cold and her cops hot. Battling demons from her past and checking her self-destructive streak take a back seat to her ambition, and she's not above skating the line just a little to get what sh...
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Gumbo Justice

A Peek Into the Life of Holli Castillo

My husband, the model for Big Who

My husband, the model for Big Who
Deaf Kitty

Deaf Kitty
My car after the wreck, 2008

My car after the wreck, 2008

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