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Kayla is comfortable with her life as a hospice nurse and a single woman. As a full-sized woman, she'd had her share of heartbreak, and focused her energies on her patients. Until she met Mrs. Cooper...and her handsome grandson David. - See mo...
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Real Women, True Love: Hidden Angel
Laverne has no interest in a man. After her ex-husband hurt her, she decided not to let another man get under her skin. She is happy with her life just the way it is. She has her business, her two sons, and her small group of friends. But every wo...
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Real Women, True Love: Alone By Choice
Candace's marriage is over, and she relies on the one thing she has found to ease the pain: food. Growing up with an abusive stepfather and having to mother her mother, she has always used food to deal with stress. Now Candace's best f...
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Real Women, True Love: Big Girls Do Cry
Ten years, ten long years of life with an abusive man. Three thousand, six hundred and sixty-five days of being told how worthless I was, how fat and how ugly I was to look at. One hundred and twenty months of living in fear, scared to sleep, scar...
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Real Women, True Love: Til Death Do Us Part

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