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  The flaw in creation. Additional biographical information provided by Flint's granddaughter, Vella Munn. Annotated. What was "The Blind Spot?" A room in San Francisco where strange things happened--or a doorway int...
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The Blind Spot
  No way out of the locked room? Jefferson has been given an option, if it can be called that. Either he provides a ruthless detective with the password to an illegal speakeasy or he’s framed for murder. The detective, who doesn...
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The Flaw in the Frame
  Life and intellect beyond death Death has claimed John Carter, or has it? Something miraculous remains of him—his beloved typewriter. Not an ordinary typewriter but one capable of reaching beyond the pale. Who will be touched ...
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  Is he losing his mind or just losing time? All young Ross Blanchard has to do to inherit his father’s fortune is spend ten weeks in the old man’s house. For someone devoted to exploring the world, being confined for so l...
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The Missing Mondays
  Oppressor and oppressed, who will win? There’s no need for space craft when the mind is capable of traveling through the stars. To their shock, those whose intellect leaves earth and reaches Sanus find themselves embroiled in ...
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The Emancipatrix
  Locking down time in real time After a middle of the night break-in at a remote observatory, only one thing is missing. A clock. But what a clock! All of Paris runs off the instrument’s to-the-half-second exactness. Who would ...
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The Man Who Took Paris
  A lonely traveler to the moon discovers he isn’t alone. All he wants is to explore the desolate, empty moon while putting his failed romance behind him, but as lonely day after lonely day stretches out, he realizes he has comp...
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Out of the Moon
  ) Day’s priorities: 1. Apologize to wife, 2. Apologize to wife, 3. Send flowers. Take one ordinary husband with a fascinating and challenging structural problem, and before long that’s all he can think about. The more he...
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The Breaker Mends
  From noble governmental project to nationwide danger. What to do with hundreds of suddenly obsolete bombs? The solution seems simple: auction them off to a patriotic public looking for tangible mementos of The Great War. Then, at hi...
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Buy a Liberty Bomb!
  Heaven and Hell, Hoven and Holl. Written in 1919, The Devolutionist is Homer Eon Flint’s third installment in the speculative fiction stories that cemented his position as a leading pioneer science fiction writer. In The Devol...
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The Devolutionist
  The more he tries, the worst it gets AKA whatever can go wrong does. Such a simple task. All the responsible but inept young father has to do is refinish an old table in time for the owners to pick it up. Well yes, his young childre...
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The Stain on the Table
  From riches to rags. Old Man Gary never guessed he’d end his days in a home for the indigent. Trapped there with others who have lost everything, he has nothing—except for a lifetime of stories highlighted by the one abo...
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The Peacock Vest
  Earth: Primitive or advanced? Worthy or unworthy? Another timeless tale from pioneering author Homer Eon Flint. A desperate need for certain chemical elements to save Saturn sends a space traveler to Earth. Once there, however, ...
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The Planetary Pirate
  Never con a conner Pioneer pulp writer Homer Eon Flint was renowned for his speculative fiction. He also loved twisting and turning plots in unexpected directions and had a keen sense of humor. Nothing pleased him more than backing ...
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No Fool
  Were Adam and Eve extra-terrestrials? First published in 1919 and read by over four million readers, The Lord of Death/The Queen of Life showcases speculative fiction author Homer Eon Flint’s interest in the Darwinian rule, Su...
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Lord of Death/Queen of Life
  Gold! Gold! Gold! Or is it? Gold fever never struck early pulp writer Homer Eon Flint, but he understood the rare metal’s ability to change men and women, not always for the best. In Golden Web Claim he asked the question, &ld...
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Golden Web Claim
  Is death really death? Early pulp writer Homer Eon Flint’s children considered The Greater Miracle his most powerful story. In it a doctor crushed by personal loss is challenged to find a reason to go on living. Eerily, Flint&...
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The Greater Miracle
  When an old prospector is murdered, a sheriff must seek unlikely sources to lead him to the killer--from the air. Will Bastion has been prospecting for cinnabar–the ore that produces quicksilver–for years. Everyone in th...
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The Flying Bloodhound
  Fortune smiles on a young man but still has a few tricks up her sleeve. The last story written by pulp pioneer Homer Eon Flint. It was published after his mysterious and violent death. Branching beyond his classic speculative fi...
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The Money-Miler

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