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Honor James

Born in the mid-seventies, this thirty-something woman has only been writing for the last six years of her life, faithfully that is. Honor has always been scribbling a phrase, a curious word or the oddest of thoughts down on anything she could find laying about. Now she piles them up before her and, if one catches her fancy, she further explores it to whatever its end might be.

 A lover of books, her reading material spans from Shakespeare to mysteries and all the way to the erotic. Anything and everything she can lay her hands on she'll read. Though, these days, she leans more toward the paranormal than anything else.

 Poetry was her first love lasting about three solid years, don't ask, she won't show many of them to anyone. Then short stories became the focus and finally she began to write for more than just writing what came to mind, she started to write for pleasure and to tell the story that begged to be told.

 Life and family came next, working full time as a Customer Service Representative and raising two children got in the way and the writing that she so loved as a teenager seemed to be pushed off to the back burner of everything.

 So several years past and her children turned into more than the babies that demanded her attention and into young children and then teenagers with different demands, ones that allowed her to once more spread her imagination to the wind and ask for more, want more.

 As with all great things the door to her notebook written word might have been closed and placed on hold, but where a door closes another one opens and in this case it was with the advent of buying a computer.

 Honor spends many a sleepless nights pounding at the keyboards. She is a consummate professional in her daytime career however at night her visions swing to the fantastical and in those long hours after the children and husband are in bed, she weaves together words and blends up stories that not only bring a whole new meaning to romance, but sizzle the pages with a heat that will have the readers begging for more.


** Honor James also writes as April Zyon.... Both pen names will be included on Manic readers from here out. 

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