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Hello, wonderful people. I'm a cohesion therapist. Whaa? I write books that serve to heal families and nations. Because cohesive families are the basis for a better world. My newest book just launched and is designed as an emergency repair kit when your marriage or general relationship is going through a rough patch. It's called 'How to Make an Impossible Marriage Possible' . Today is the last day you can get this ten-dollar book for just three dollars under that Kindle Sc...hmindle whatever deal. Three or four dollars to help make your marriage a little more secure, I believe that's what they call a bargain. All I ask in exchange is for a good review if this book serves you well. I write necessary books, tools that help make life better. I spend years researching everything and then, distill it into pleasant and understandable form. Three or four dollars for all that work dedicated to you, is not asking too much.

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