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Hunter Byrd

 I'm a professor of cultural history, an area which has allowed me to explore the heights – and depths – of human creativity and endeavor.  I've published two eBooks, The Education of Alice Bloom and Escape from Consecration, the first a romance that explores the polyamorous side of London society in the Edwardian era, the second a tale of adventure and romance in a dystopian future.

I've explored love and sexuality through writing a weekly sex-and-intimacy column in a local  alternative paper. I'm fascinated by the unlimited possibilities of gender and sexuality as they unfold in the future. Ursula K. Le Guin, Octavia E. Butler, and Margaret Atwood all leave me feeling a deeper understanding of love and life. My husband – and best friend of many years – and I enjoy exquisitely-written erotica as a source of pleasure and wonder as we continually create our own future together. 

Current Releases
Alice Bloom is 19, a pretty, smart fishmonger on the streets of London, circa 1900. She has a secret crush one of her patrons, Darnell Haversham, a handsome bachelor, who lives in a Mayfield townhouse not far from her stand. Alas, her infatuation ...
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The Education of Alice Bloom

Available Now!
Escape From Consecration (Book I of THE WELKIN CHRONICLES)

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