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Rhas-Khan is the god of the abyss and Eilian is his lover. The need for pain with their pleasure has Eilian asking Rhas-Khan for a whipping while bound with an extra surprise of Rhas-Khan’s choosing to further spice the session up. Because o...
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Into the Heart of the Abyss
  The world has gone to hell in a hand basket with the dead shambling in the streets and attacking the living. Konrad and Jase have a Plan for the ZA, because, who doesn’t? Something that was just for fun is frighteningly real now. ...
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ZA: Run & Gun
  Ivriah is a Battle Mage specializing in summoning demons to fight for his country, Islafar. He also uses his summoning skills to call male demons to see to his baser needs as same-sex relationships are illegal and ruthlessly punished in...
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Bone: Slip of the Tongue
  Gunari, a half-dragon, has trained hard to become Guardian to a Muse. He’s stunned, thrilled and a little puzzled when he’s assigned the Guardianship of Misu, a demi-Muse, well before expected. He’s never heard of a de...
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The Dragon's Muse
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Gay Erotic Romance, Paranormal Etireh and Wynn, from Ermine & Bougainvillea, are settling into their relationship with each other and enjoying the domination/submission that’s an important part of their time together. When Wynn f...
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Claiming Rights
Gay Erotic Romance, Paranormal BDSM.  Wynn is an ermine shifter running for his life from homophobic coyote shifters who took exception to a gay shifter in their territory. He makes it to the safety of a dense tangle of bougainvillea vi...
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Ermine & Bougainvillea
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Doctor Bertram Noojimanidooshiwe would be thrilled beyond words to have El-Ashir, one of the Gen-Mod soldiers he helped design, look at him with desire. However, Bertram doesn’t think there’s anything about his dishwater-dull sel...
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Promenade a Deux

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