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I.S. is the author of the Modern Disciples series. The series is set in modern times and involves a group of six children of gods from ancient mythologies. These pantheons of gods include the Greek, Norse, Japanese, Hindu, Aztech, and Egyptian.

I.S. lives in Tampa Florida. He has been a student of Mythology all his life and has a degree in Creative Writing from Ashland University.

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Current Releases
Japan is in Turmoil A mysterious storm has ravaged Japan, leaving a dark cloud covering the entire country. Power plants are being sabotaged causing brown outs and leaving the nights a thing of nightmares. People are disappearing while others...
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Modern Disciples Volume 3
The Titans have made their move... Jane Dotter has spent the last few months in Las Vegas trailing a man that may be in league with the Titans. He is a well-known mobster who controls more than half the drug trade in the city. She i...
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Modern Disciples Volume 2
Ryan Hunter had spent most of his days wandering from place to place with no direction, no real purpose. His only solace in life was a book of Greek Mythology that his mother gave him as a child. When he receives a call from a mysterious woman...
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Modern Disciples Volume 1

A Peek Into the Life of I.S. Anderson

The cover for Volume 1

The cover for Volume 1
The cover for Volume 2

The cover for Volume 2
The cover for Volume 3

The cover for Volume 3

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