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Ian Williams

Ian Williams is a UK writer of Science Fiction stories. He lives and writes in Essex, in a small town.
After working for the UK Court Service for 7 years, he now spends his days thinking of - and planning - sci-fi stories that he would like to write.
Currently he is working on The third book in The Sentient Trilogy, which he plans on releasing early next year.

Current Releases
THE SENTIENT MIMIC    After the DEVASTATION caused to the city at the end of The Sentient Collector, those left to clean up the mess are unaware that the THREAT still remains. Finding out the truth will bring forth a new NIGHTMARE. Only...
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The Sentient Mimic (Sentient trilogy book 2)
A brand new Sci-Fi story from the writer of TRANSITORY The Sentient Collector  In 2058 everything and everyone is connected. THEY ARE VULNERABLE. An EVIL intelligence lurks deep within the SIMOVA network, waiting for its time to strike. On...
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The Sentient Collector

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