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The Leather Jacket

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May 1968. High school bodybuilding champ Ed Green is excited and eager to celebrate his 18th birthday. As a "legal adult" now, he can drink with his older buddies. With graduation just around the corner, he will soon be able to move away...
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My Big Brother
A giant farmer driving a pick-up truck down a country road picks up a hitchhiker, who reacts to him with great lust, surprising both straight men. They argue, leading to a fight.  The farmer, a lonely widower with some experience with ho...
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The Truck Driver - Book Two - Manlove Miniatures
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A gay erotic short read, the first of a series of stories about unconventional relationship between men: Thirty year old Jack, a hairy young stud, can't afford to buy a used leather jacket to enhance his growing role as a BDSM leathersex ...
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The Leather Jacket
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