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      Growing up on military bases around the world gave Indigo Fantasia a lifetime of experience before she ever came of age. Her father, who now consults for Military Intelligence, was stationed at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, during her teenage years, and she spent many weekends driving the forty miles into New York Citywhere she learned to love the theater and eventually earned a scholarship to the AmericanAcademyof Dramatic Arts in Manhattan.

     After two years of study and several small parts on Broadway, she decided to backpack across Europewith two friends working as a cocktail waitress and bartender like she had while in New York City. An extended stay in Parisled to some modeling and acting jobs, and eventually the chorus line of the famed Folies Bergere.

     While still living in Paris, Indigo began writing short stories about her experiences and later took the online course, “You Can Write Like a Pro,” by editor and writing coach, Penny Fletcher. She also claims to read every book on writing ever published by Writer’s Digest Books and has fictionalized many of the stories and characters she’s met along the way.

     Her only child- a daughter- Patricia Anne- died at the age of three. Indigo has never been married and since her daughter’s death in 2006 has remained rather secluded, seeing only a few close friends. After moving to a cottage on MadeiraBeachnear Saint Petersburg, Florida, she began writing sexually graphic contemporary romantic fiction for several magazines under various pseudonyms with a goal of eventually transitioning her short stories into books.  

      Readers are encouraged to talk with her on her website at




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A Peek Into the Life of Indigo Fantasia

Playing a role in Paris, don't I look stuck-up!

Playing a role in Paris, don't I look stuck-up!

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