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Often described by reviewers as “shocking,” Iona Blair’s erotic novels have been published by Pink Flamingo, C.F. Publications, Amatory Ink, Phaze Books, Amira Press, Carnal Desires, Total-E-Bound, Sensorotica, Carnal Pleasures, and Siren-Bookstrand. Her short stories have appeared in a variety of publications including the Australian Women's Forum Magazine, Oysters and Chocolate, Ruthie’s Club, Good Vibes Magazine, Erotic Dreams, Whispers, Star Books Press, and the Velvet Mafia. She lives in an old converted lighthouse on the Pacific Coast, where her thoughts run as wild as the weather.
Current Releases
Murder, kidnapping and depraved sexual practices, revolve around a telephone sex line and a sinister old mansion. Meredith is the realtor, handling the sale of the house. She is drawn into the mystery surrounding it, while going through a mid-l...
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Phone Sex
Kink and taboo are taken to new heights in this sizzling tale that centres around a sex shop. Seductress, Jennifer Hill owns the Sex Shop. When Jennifer isn’t indulging in kink at home, she is having public sex in fitting rooms and sho...
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Sex Shop
A Collection of Erotic Short Stories MYSTERY MAN -- Kendra’s mysterious boyfriend suddenly disappears, and she suspects him of being a panty thief and worse...POLICE CAR -- When a thrill-seeking couple decide to have sex on the hoo...
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Mystery Man
Amidst the dangers of war torn Afghanistan, an army officer finds himself irresistibly drawn to another soldier.
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A Soldier's Story
When Brent McNeil travels to Vancouver to try and find the trail of his missing grandfather, he never expects to meet the love of his life.
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Strangers in the Night
During the Second World War, British spy, Sheena Vale, is dropped off in occupied France. When her mission goes terribly wrong, she’s left stranded in enemy territory, on the Nazi’s most wanted list. Battling to survive, in an atmosphere fraught with...
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The Berlin Club
The Second World War is the setting for this fast paced thriller about a British fighter plane shot down over Nazi occupied France. During their escape back to England the pilot and co-pilot discover a mutual sexual attraction and engage in hot sex w...
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The Wayward Wind
When two male cops get the hots for each other in 1950s Toronto, they could face jail time if caught. A camouflage wife seems like the answer to their prayers, but ends up not being quite what either one expected.
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Camouflage Wife
Kink and taboo are taken to new heights in this riveting story of unbridled lust and its shocking consequences. Come visit the brothel, where uninhibited sex with a shocking difference is offered in a specially constructed scarlet room. Muriel McB...
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Desire and Depravity
Susan is a kinky woman with an erotic secret, which both shocks and fascinates her lovers. Nothing is too taboo for Susan. She's tried it all. Her unique physical attributes make this horny femme fatale, a sex partner extraordinaire. But everythin...
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Sins of Susan
Sextremely explicit and as naughty as can be! The Red Velvet Horse was a favourite in the brothel. Unspeakable acts––so depraved they were illegal––were performed on its back. The discovery of an erotic manuscript, written by a nineteenth cen...
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The Red Velvet Horse
Phaedra's little sister is missing. Desperately worried, Phaedra travels to Vancouver to find her. Curtis is the detective assigned to the case. The attraction is instant and they can't keep their hands off each other. Guilt stalks Phaedra—she...
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Charlotte is a respectable librarian, whose repressed sexual desires hurl her into a midlife crisis. She finds herself irresistibly drawn to kink, and to young and virile men. There is Lee, a handsome police officer she meets on the Internet. And...
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Unholy Lust
From the moment Jay finds the shockingly erotic photograph, concealed in the attic wall, he becomes obsessed with the image of the woman in it. She is a seductive femme fatale named Emma, who lived in his secluded island home over a hundred years ago...
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Erotic Obsession

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