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Ira Chas is the pen name of a spunky wife, a somewhat pervy geeky librarian and a lover of B-rate action movies. Unafraid to cross boundaries and test limits, Ira likes writing emotionally-driven smut with flawed characters. Ira also writes paranormal erotic romances under two other pen names.

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Jayden owes Ross and Lea Wilder her life. Literally. They extracted her from a broken home and gave her a second life. Jay knows she can’t ask them for anything more, but over the years, she’s unable to quench the growing ache in her hear...
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Blue Collar Boys 2: Driven Over the Edge
It’s hard to maintain a demanding career and thirty-three-year-old marketing director Juliet Cross’s only reprieve are her ‘special breaks’. Julie spends a few minutes of her lunch break locked in the company bathroom with her...
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Blue Collar Boys: Owned by the Janitor
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Marie has always harbored romantic feelings towards her straight and married best friend. Hurt by Claire’s rejection once, Marie is terrified of broaching the subject again. When a reunion unexpectedly opens a rare window of opportunity, Marie ...
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Bridging the Distance by Ira Chas

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