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Christmas isn’t Carol’s groove. As a single, Type A business owner in Manhattan, there is not a lot of jolly in her life. If she could, she’d spend her holidays tied up with tinsel at Gotham’s hottest sex club--or better yet, ...
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Carol Does Christmas
When Mairin's lousy husband runs off with her best friend, she's left with just a few small anger issues. This year's Easter Gala will be her first chance to get the long overdue apology she's wanted from her ex. When the time comes, ...
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Hot Bod in a Basket
Dinah Kelley has a warm heart but she's hardly noble. When she offers up her home to a displaced alien, after an Earth First attack, generosity isn't her only motivation. She's been a widow for two years, alone and very short on compan...
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The Safety of Nowhere
Becky's on a journey to a better life after a bad divorce: A little yoga, a few days at a spa, the usual routine. Before the party's over, her friends suggest she try some sexual ecstasy at The Body House. The handsome aliens from Backus w...
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Body Hopping
On the day Jane Bard leaves her husband, finding a severely beaten alien tied up in the garage is not part of her carefully laid plans. Her own escape is dangerous enough without trying to save a stranger, but Jane can't turn her back on anyon...
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Alien Terrain
The Body House is an alien brothel inhabited by male prostitutes from the planet Backus. Backusians love their work and women love Backusians. But not everyone is so enamored of the alien presence. When the grassroots group Earth First breaks...
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The Body House
Between Jack and Maris, the chemistry is hot enough to warrant many days and nights exploring where their mutual attraction might lead—if Maris were up for that. Being a smart girl with a rough background means she values her independence. S...
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Paris Suite
Is it wise to have sex with a tall, gorgeous space alien who used to be your cat? The question barely has a chance to flitter through Hannah’s mind before she’s overwhelmed by temptation and writhing under the strong, hot man in her...
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Alien, Interrupted

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